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Pulled Pork, Smoked to Perfection!

Pulled Pork, Smoked to Perfection


1 Pork Butt (recipe based on 8.5 pounds, bone-in) Mustard Powder Creole Seasoning (I make my own - recipe HERE) Barbecue Rub (We use Primal Palate's!)


Pre-heat grill until temperature reaches 250. You want to keep the grill in range of 250 - 275.

Season Pork Butt on all sides in generous coating of Mustard Powder. Pork will look a bit yellow!  

Season Pork Butt all over with Creole Seasoning and Barbecue Rub. We did a light coating of Creole and a heavy coating of Barbecue, but if you want it spicer, flip those two!

Place Pork directly on grill - direct heat. Close grill top and smoke for approximately 5 hours, depending on the size of the Pork Butt. You want to check every 30 minutes for an internal temperature of 160-165.

Once Pork Butt has reached 160-165, carefully remove Pork Butt from the grill and wrap in foil. (If you need gloves, check THESE out! They make my husband feel like Spiderman!) 

Put the pork (now foil wrapped) back on the grill and continue to cook until internal temperature reaches 195. Once you've reached the perfect temperature, remove wrapped Pork and allow to rest for at least 15 minutes.  We keep ours wrapped up in foil on a glass pan to ensure all the juices stay inside! 

Once we are ready to unwrap, we put the Pork in a Clean glass pan to keep all those running juices. Carve and serve! Any leftovers can be stored in glass tupperware, and don't forget to pour those saved juices on top before you put it up!

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