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The Process of Working with Tiffany

Oncology Nutrition

I am not your typical nutritionist! So let's make sure you and I are a good fit before we go any further. 

My services are 100% email-based. No phone calls, no video calls, no texting, just emails.

How on earth can that be effective? Well, it is. Keep reading!

The very first step for YOU to kick off your own health journey with me is to fill out an application (eg - tell me why you want to work with me!) via my Contact Page.

That will trigger a notification to me, which I will review, and I will follow up with you in an email with any additional questions I have up front, or answering any questions you may have addressed in your application!

At that point, if we both decide it's a good fit, I will email you all the information you need to complete your full intake. Be prepared, intake forms take time. This is not your normal one to two page health history you would complete in a doctor's office. My health history intake is approximately 8 pages, you will have a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ - approximately 300+ questions), and additional intake work as needed based on your condition and goals. Don't let that scare you. In fact, it should EXCITE you. When has a doctor EVER wanted to look at you as a whole person, from the day you were born to today, knowing every ailment, medication, symptom, etc? (Ok, no, I don't necessarily need to know in depth about childhood constipation if you're 45 and it hasn't been a problem in 35 years, but you get the idea).

Most of my clients suggest that intake from beginning to end on average takes 2-3 hours. This is also the point in which you would provide me with any lab work that you feel is relevant. Any doctor's notes, any CT scans or MRIs, anything related to a biopsy if applicable, etc. So have those electronic files ready to email!

Once your intake, including payment, has been completed, I begin to review your information. On average, this takes 2-4 weeks, but may take longer if needed. Please do not hesitate to reach out, but please also note I do not offer refunds. I will always deliver your findings as recommendations as quickly as I can, but as noted already, intake is detailed, and I do not ever provide the same protocol to ANYONE, because each and every one of you is different.

Once my review is complete, I will email you a summary, which will include a private web link to a video recording of my full report of findings and recommendations. These videos average 10-20 minutes long, and will be available to you to reference over and over again! 

During the next 30 days following your receipt of your recommendations, you are welcome to email me as MANY questions as you have. I don't expect for you to take my recommendations, including supplement recommendations if needed (as these may take a week or so to be delivered) and move forward blindly! I am not here to proactively coach you (I'm not a coach, I'm a health practitioner), but I AM here to support you.

I've found that 30 days is typically the time frame that MOST people notice a change, and at that point, should you choose to continue working with me, I provide two options.

1) The Monthly Membership - I do require you enroll in the monthly membership within that first 30 days, and of course, you can cancel at any time. What does it include? All the questions you may have, tweaking certain recommendations, adding support, review of new lab work, review of a new symptom analysis, review of a food journal, etc. Essentially the membership covers what YOU need to continue on your healing journey. Maybe you don't need an updated symptom analysis, but you want a food journal review. Maybe you just need your lab work reviewed. Maybe you just have a ton of questions about food and brands and recipes! All of that and any combination is included.

2) The Re-Evaluation - while I do strongly recommend the monthly membership, some clients feel they have a good handle on their initial changes, and feel empowered with the education I provide them with. Therefore, I do provide a re-evaluation as needed for those that opt out of the monthly membership. The Re-Evaluation includes an updated Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ), any updated lab work review, and any other assessments that may fit your goals, as well as Food Journal Review. You are in control of when you request that re-evaluation.

Your health is in your hands. You are in control of your future. I'm here to support and educate, and hopefully this gives you a better view of what to expect!

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