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Clean Living to Change Your LIFE
All underlined items below are DIRECT links for you!


Butcher Box* - Clean Animal Protein shipped to your door!

Dry Farm Wines* - Clean, Keto/Paleo Friendly Biodynamically Farmed WINE! Get an extra bottle on your first order for a penny using my link. *Not recommended for those currently diagnosed with cancer or recovering alcoholics - please stay alcohol free*

Drink LMNT* - Amazing electrolyte packets with science-backed research for the BEST mineral balance - grab a special bonus pack by using the link!

Purity Coffee* - The cleanest, healthiest coffee you can drink! They offer whole bean, pods, and individual satchets - save 20% on your first order by using "Meyer20" at checkout!

Real Mushrooms* - Amazing Mushroom Supplementation - Save 10% using "tiffanymeyer" at checkout

Beekeeper's Naturals* - All things bees! My favorite immune support. Use "tiffanymeyer" at checkout to save 20%! 

Hillbilly Nutrition - Animal Protein, local to Texas!

Burgundy's - Animal Protein in Fort Worth

Pederson's - High Quality Animal Protein available in most stores

Vital Farms - Pastured Eggs and Butter

Siete Foods - Chips, Tortillas, Enchilada Sauces, Hot Sauces, and so much more! All GRAIN FREE!

Dr. Cowan's Garden* - Super Food Blends, easy to sneak into any meal! 

Kasandrinos Olive Oil - I recommend autoship to save!

Thrive Market* - Online Grocery store with Membership Discount Pricing - save 25% off your first order

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water - the only brand I recommend

Primal Palate - the BEST spice blends for cooking - saves me so much time!

EWG's Dirty Dozen and Clean 15! - Your go-to for knowing what produce NEEDS to be organic

Traditional Medicinals - Organic, therapeutic teas - can be found at most grocery stores



Avocado Mattress* - 100% organic, sustainable mattresses, pillows, bedding, and furniture!

Earth Runners Barefoot Sandals* - Shoes as close to the earth as possible! My favorite sandal of all time! Save 10% by using "Meyer10" at checkout!

Branch Basics Cleaning Products* - Amazingly clean, and it actually works! Get $10 off your first order on me!

Berkey Water Filter - get the fluoride filters!

Rocky Mountain Oils* - Essential Oils and Oil Blends - 25% off your first purchase!

Mountain Rose Herbs - Essential Oils, Teas, Spices



Ilia Beauty* - Clean beauty that can also be found at Sephora

Lawless Beauty - Clean beauty that can also be found at Sephora

Drunk Elephant - Clean Skin, Body, and Hair Care, also at Sephora

Acure Organics - Clean Skin, Body, and Hair Care (also a lower price point and available at Whole Foods, Central Market, Natural Grocers, Thrive Market etc)


Ancestral Supplements* - For those that want "nose-to-tail" support without eating it!

Gaia Herbs - Herbal Supplements

Sovereign Silver - Colloidal Silver

Ancestral Supplements - Animal Supplementation

Wellevate - Supplement Dispensary - contact Tiffany for practitioner discount

Fullscript - Supplement Dispensary - contact Tiffany for practitioner discount

TESTING / Lab Work:

Nutrition Genome* - Gene Testing - know your dirty genes!

DUTCH Testing* - The most accurate hormone testing available - ask me or order your test for a provider discount!

Direct Labs - order your own blood work and go to your nearest Quest!


Cronometer - to track macro and micronutrients - FREE! Desktop/App auto syncs

Keto Mojo* - Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring - Save 15%

Urine Ketone Strips - Test with urine first! Once you have ketones present in urine, switch to Keto Mojo


Metabolic Approach to Cancer - The Number One Cancer Book

Eat the Yolks - All about food and clean eating

Sacred Cow - All about our food and agriculture system - a case for better meat

Eat to Beat Disease - Recommended for Cancer Prevention

Ancient Remedies - Healing Foods, Herbs, Spices

TED Talk about Cancer

William Li TED Talk - "Can We Eat to Starve Cancer"?


Chris Kresser's ADAPT Program

Oncology Nutrition Institute

*Indicates Affiliate Link

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