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What is the Functional Evaluation?

The Functional Evaluation (FE) is probably different from what you typically think of with a nutritionist.

The science behind it?

The FE is a process allowing me to identify which organ systems may be under stress. Every organ system is surrounded by a neurovascular or neurolymphathic network (neuro, meaning brain - vascular meaning blood vessels, and lymphatic meaning lymph vessels). When an organ becomes stressed, blood and lymph are pushed to that area of the body to aide in drawing necessary nutrients to support the organ. The fluid collects, essentially inflaming the area (major or minor), allowing an individual to feel changes in tenderness in specific points on the body.

So who designed these points?

Most of the points I use are derived from various physicians:

Chapman-Neurolymphatic Reflexes

Frank Chapman D.O, discovered various points throughout the body, typically in soft tissue (think in between the ribs - intercostal spaces), Your body has autonomic nerve ganglion endings that branches off the spinal column to the organ, essentially giving a reflex point to the area palpated (pressed for tenderness).

Bennett-Neurovascular Reflexes

Terence Bennett D.C. created specific points that may be over a specific organ or are reflexes from the organ. The reflex point is normally felt as a tight muscle and is usually responsive to palpations.

Riddler-Nutritional Reflexes

Robert Riddler D.C developed a technique that utilizes reflex points on the body identifying specific nutrient deficiencies. Dr. Riddler tested various trigger points, gave the patient a specific nutrient, then retested, noting a change in the patient's rating scale.

So what does that actually mean? What will I experience?

Each client has a completely individual experience. Typically, I'll use a blood pressure cuff on the arm and/or the leg for some assessments, so it's important that you dress appropriately. Many points are tested while a client is lying down or sitting on the exam table. 

We'll go through the evaluation once to determine your individual baseline feedback, then again through your most tender points to determine which nutrients can best support your body.

Appointments typically take an hour, and I'll walk you through each point to ensure you are comfortable during the exam. We'll also go over any contraindications such as pregnancy, back pain, deep vein thrombosis, etc, before proceeding. The really amazing part is that you know EXACTLY what you need to support your body before you leave my office. 

*Please note Functional Evaluation Appointments are only scheduled for established clients.

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