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Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a practitioner, it’s important to understand who they are and what their practice is all about. Below are answers to my clients’ frequently asked questions. I’ve been able to cover quite a lot of topics, but if there is something I haven’t touched on, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner?

A Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) is certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association.  An FNTP evaluates a client's nutritional needs and makes recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes, helping them balance their body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness. FNTPs do not diagnose or treat pathological conditions, illness, injuries, or diseases. An FNTP looks to root cause for guidance on how to improve symptoms.

What Exactly IS Functional Nutrition?

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” — Hippocrates


Functional Nutrition is a holistic health approach that is based on balancing the five foundations of optimal health – digestion, blood sugar regulation, essential fatty acid balance, mineral balance, and hydration. Together we will design an individualized approach to nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to meet your health goals.

Recommendations may include food recommendations, a supplementation protocol, activity protocol, sleep recommendations, and other lifestyle recommendations to help you reach your optimal you!

How much does it cost?

I'm glad you asked! Let's face it. The number one thing most people look for in a practitioner is cost. "Can I afford this?" So I've made sure my pricing is over on my Services page. Just click here to head that way. But before you do, I'd like to challenge you to ask yourself if that's really the number one thing driving your selection. I know when I look for someone, I want someone who will listen, someone I trust, and someone that isn't pushy or trying to upsell me some extra service or product. If I don't want any of that, I know you don't want any of that!

What Can I Expect in Our First Consultation?

Our initial session will be reviewing your health concerns and goals - nutritional therapy is 100% focused on YOU, and the success of your progress is determined by you!  Deciding to proceed with nutritional therapy is an exciting journey where you and I will work together to create a plan to meet your goals. For more details on what is covered in the initial consultation, check out my Services page.

How long does the first appointment take?

All engagement can be done by email, phone, and/or video calls. For more about the FE, check out my Functional Evaluation page.

Are follow up appointments required?

No. Follow up appointments are absolutely not required.  However, most healing does not happen with just one appointment - healing takes time! I do encourage follow up appointments approximately 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment. Every individual is different and support can vary from one person to another. Your body is an amazing ever changing electrical, chemical, biological ecosystem. Follow up appointments can help identify root cause of increased symptoms or new symptoms, allowing me to make recommendations based on the present day you.

Do You Take Insurance?

Functional Nutrition is not currently covered by health insurance.  If you have payment or pricing inquiries, please contact me.

Do You Require Lab Work?

As a Certified Functional Nutritionist, I cannot order labs for you. However, if appropriate, I may recommend specific labwork that can be ordered through your licensed physician or specialist. Most labs, such as a CBC, can actually be ordered without a physician referral. Companies like allow direct purchase, but you can also call your local Quest Labs, etc.

Where is your office?

For local clients that will be in person for the Functional Evaluation, my address is below.  Please note I am available in the office by appointment only!  

Meyer Chiropractic

100 W. Southlake Blvd Suite 410

Southlake, TX 76092

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