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Functional Nutrition

Local to Dallas/Fort Worth Clients - This option includes the hands on Functional Evaluation, allowing more insight into your individual needs.

Initial Evaluation - $349

In our initial evaluation, we'll go over all of your paperwork and intake together.  What exactly does the initial consultation cover?

  • Review of all intake paperwork - if you have recent blood work, labs, or allergy testing results you'd like to submit as well, I'm happy to incorporate those into my evaluation.

  • Review of Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) - an online assessment with over 300+ questions.

  • Review of Food & Mood Journal - you'll be tracking 5 days as a part of the initial consultation.

  • In depth review of Symptom Priorities - what physiological systems need support, and a plan for how to best support them.

  • A Functional Evaluation (FE) or In Office Appointment to evaluate physical symptoms.

  • Together we'll design plan of what food and lifestyle changes may work for you to help meet your health goals, based on all materials reviewed.

I'm often asked, "So you just give me recommendations and send me on my way?".  Along with the first full consultation, I'll be scheduling check in calls with you as it fits your schedule ​to monitor progress with recommendations as well as provide guidance where needed.  Follow up appointments are recommended based on your health goals and progress.  EVERYTHING is individual to YOU!

*FNTPs/NTPs - Ask for Student/Colleague Discounts!

Follow Up Appointments

All follow up appointments will include the following:

  • An updated Food & Mood Journal.

  • An updated Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ).

  • A new review of Symptom Priorities.

  • A new Functional Evaluation (FE) or In Office Appointment.

  • A new plan we will work on together to aide in your success in achieving your health goals.

Follow up appointments are based on your progress and health goals!  The purpose of functional nutrition is to empower you to manage your own symptoms!