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How to Skip Your Afternoon Sugar and Coffee Cravings! Stop the Afternoon Crash with One Quick Fix

Are you reaching for something sweet or some caffeine (or both!) around 2pm most days? Are you ready for a nap? If so, this is a post you want to bookmark. And share it with friends!

The above symptoms are indications of possible hypoglycemia, and they're some of the most common symptoms I see with clients. "I need more energy! Especially in the afternoon!". I feel you. So how do you do that?

Well, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so let's start there! Are you grabbing a Pop Tart on your way out the door? Are you just drinking coffee (maybe with a little cream and sugar)? Are you grabbing that super healthy energy bar that you can eat in the car? You are starting off your morning with SUGAR. Now, do I hate sugar? Of course not. I can't WAIT for Pumpkin Spice Latte season to get here! But if you are experiencing the problems we talked about above, the BEST way to tackle that head on is to change up your morning routine.

Get FAT in your diet first thing in the morning and nix the sugar. Hard Boiled, pre-peeled eggs are great to grab on your way out! Keep some cooked bacon on hand, grab a spoonful of almond butter, or pop a square of

or two out of the freezer! (Need a recipe? I'll get that posted soon!) And about that coffee - you don't have to get crazy, but add some unsalted butter. I recommend blending in an actual blender though. Did you miss my coffee post? Find the recipe over


Think of sugar and fat like parts of a bonfire. The sugar is on top - little twigs, fast burning, easy to get things going. But they burn FAST. Fat (good healthy clean fats) is like the big dense logs on the bottom. They light up, and slowly burn providing long lasting fuel for the bonfire. In your mornings, you want FAT.

Fat will keep you satiated much longer than sugar, and healthy fats like eggs (pasture raised, guys!) keep inflammation levels down too. So what do you think? Can changing just ONE morning habit help you feel better all day long? Absolutely!

Changed this habit a while ago and still feeling the slump? You may need more individualized care. Reach out for a

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