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COFFEE! How a Nutritionist Takes Her Coffee!

My perfect cup of coffee. I've been told I'm a total coffee snob, and not only do they mean it as a compliment (thank goodness), but it's something I'm proud of. ALOT of coffee out there -- the actual coffee, the beans! -- is tainted. Toxic. Mold. Chemicals. The coffee I drink has published a ton of lab results, and even though the other brands aren't published, I think it's clear that Kion is pretty high up there. To see the results for yourself, head over HERE. And if you're really interested in trying it, head over to Kion's website HERE. If it's your first time checking out Kion, any non-coffee items (sorry! not my decision!) are available at 10% off your first order using "Tiffany10" at checkout!

Back to coffee! Yes, I use Kion. I freshly grind it every morning, and although I've tried a bunch of different brewing methods, French Press is my FAVORITE. If you need a good French Press, this is the one I use! Click HERE.

So ok. Let's get to how I actually MAKE my coffee. As mentioned, I grind my beans every morning. I allow the French Press to brew for 5 Minutes.

Meanwhile, I'm grabbing my food processor, filling it with 1 1/2 scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, a half a tablespoon of unsalted Vital Farms Butter, a couple of dashes of cinnamon, and a dollop of vanilla flavoring. Once my coffee is brewed, I pour the hot coffee directly into my food processor and blend until the butter has completely blended. Pour, enjoy. SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS.

The magical question is "Why Butter in the Coffee? Why is this still a thing??" Well, butter is a great healthy natural fat. While the coffee provides caffeine that boosts your metabolism (plus all the awesome antioxidants, etc), the butter helps extend the effects of the coffee, and can even ward off the jitters some get with caffeine. For me, the butter really boosts the "fill me up" factor, and it doesn't have to be a ton of butter! Blending it in a food processor or an actual blender really takes it a notch up too. I tried butter coffee the first few times just by stirring manually, and it's really not the same. Try it, and I hope you enjoy!

Tiffany's Butter Coffee


1-2 Tbsp Kion Coffee Beans

French Press

Filtered Water, Boiled

1-2 Scoops Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

1/2 Tbsp Grass Fed Butter

1/2 Tsp of Cinnamon

1/2 Tsp of Vanilla Flavoring*

*Vanilla Flavoring is NOT Vanilla Extract


Boil filtered water

Grind coffee beans and pour into empty french press

Pour filtered water over french press and stir, cover

Set timer for 5 minutes to allow coffee to brew

Put collagen, butter, cinnamon, and vanilla flavoring in food processor

Once timer goes off, pour coffee into food processor

Cover and blend til butter disappears

Pour, and enjoy!

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Tiffany Meyer
Tiffany Meyer
Aug 14, 2019

Hey Courtney! Grass Fed butter has a healthy ratio of Omega 3s to Omega 6s. When this ratio is out of balance (say, due to a grain fed dairy cow) and Omega 6s increase, you risk inflammation. It really comes down to the quality of the food itself, but no, I don't find grass fed butter to be inflammatory. In fact, grass fed butter is higher in butyric acid, which has shown to decrease inflammation. Ghee is, however, a great option for those that have a true allergy to milk solids.


LOVE butter coffee and this sounds amazing. I use turmeric as well and it's so good.

Question! I've heard that butter can cause an inflammatory reaction, and that using ghee can be better first thing in the morning. Any thoughts on that advice?

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