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Welcome to Tiffany Meyer, FNTP - Where Imposter Syndrome Lets Go

Imposter Syndrome? Guilty as charged. Thought I was doing my best? No, I really wasn't. Am I ok with that and do I love and respect who I was before? Absolutely.

If you aren't talking to yourself in a respectful way, how do you expect anyone else to? Yes, the above is completely true. If you've been around for a while, you've seen my cutesy pictures of me in my kitchen, piddling around (as my mom would say) trying to come up with recipes. BECAUSE THAT'S WHO I THOUGHT I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. I'm a Nutritionist! Obviously all I do is sit at home all day coming up with nutrient-dense, properly prepared recipes, right?

Um, no. Not at all. Yes, it's true, I love food. I'll try pretty much anything that isn't super processed. Give me some Rocky Mountain Oysters and I'm good. Menudo? Good! Whatever you want me to try that's essentially a non-processed food, I'm there. But FOOD is not what I do.

I work with the body. I work with my clients' bodies. I help people THROUGH food, through nutrients, bring their bodies back into balance, aiming to help the body recover on its own, potentially lessening or eliminating medications. Are medications bad? No! They can be great when we need them! I'm pretty sure antibiotics have saved my life a time or two or twenty. But life-long medications are tough. Day in day out medications are tough. Am I going to tell you to stop taking your meds? NOPE! But I'd encourage you to work with your doctor WHILE you work with me to ensure those medications are still medically necessary. Miraculous things can happen when you start with a Whole30 or Nutritional Therapy!

So yes, I'm a Functional Nutritionist. No, I don't sit around all day creating recipes. That's more like a chef. I'm an amatuer chef, but no one is paying me for my recipes. Again, I work WITH the body. I work with symptoms. I am, in fact, a Clinician. I use a variety of techniques, including a variation on blood pressure checks, reflex testing to identify lymphatic congestion or organ distress, and I even take your pulse. A couple of times! Woah, right?

Believe it or not, I've even had out of state clients that COME INTO TOWN specifically to work with me on the Functional Evaluation in my office. It's that popular, guys.

So what good does it do to know what reflexes are congested and whatever else that stuff is I'm talking about? I go through and get your individual baselines on everything. Once that's done, I go back with specific nutrients (food, supplements, etc) and TEST them on you while you're in my office. Yep, you've got that right. If you are in my office, you have FELT the result of every single supplement recommendation I make. So you know whether or not it's right for you. It sounds crazy, I agree. It is crazy. Until you experience it. It's a unique training provided by the Nutritional Therapy Association (now officially CONTINUING education and not included in the primary program).

What about that Whole30 stuff? Well, the truth is, I'm excited to be able to provided tiered pricing and various options to my clients. Can you do a Whole30 remotely? You betcha! Can you do Nutritional Therapy remotely? You betcha! Can you do BOTH together? You betcha! Pricing coming! Can you do BOTH combined in person? 100%!

In fact, combining a Whole30 as a part of your Nutritional Therapy is the FASTEST way to jumpstart your physiological reset. But it's not right for everyone. If you have a history of eating disorders or currently suffer from an eating disorder, the Whole30 is not right for you. HOWEVER, Nutritional Therapy can help. While I don't specialize in eating disorders, I do specialize in systemic, chronic inflammation, and I'm happy to work alongside your Mental Health Professional should you choose to work with me.

What if you're pregnant? Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes? Have an Autoimmune condition? You know what? If you jump over to Whole30's website, you can find out more there. Melissa Urban (co-founder of the Whole30) has seen thousands upon thousands of success stories with a variety of conditions, including those listed above. PLEASE work with your physician if you do have a significant health concern, and let them know you're interested in a Whole30 with me. Or Nutritional Therapy. Or both.

So happy to be able to share the real me with you. I hope you'll stick around! Recipes won't go away completely, but I'm excited to provide you with more information about what I truly do.

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