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Sinus Tea - Relief in a Glass!

Who in Texas struggles with Ragweed in the Fall?? Who gets a runny nose, itchy skin, sneezes and sniffles, and who's worried about the flu?? I don't know about you, but sinus pressure can really mess up my day. This is an easy beverage to make, and even my husband asks for my "special sinus tea" from time to time.

The ingredients are specific, and when the drink is sipped on slowly, you'll feel your nose start to relax and open up. A few slow circular massages at the base of the nose just above your nostrils will help too! Give it a try, and feel better within minutes. It's completely safe to repeat as needed!

Sinus Relief in a Glass


1 cup hot water

1 cup room temperature water ¼ cup Bragg apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon raw honey (or manuka honey) ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper Juice of 1 lemon wedge


Mix all these ingredients in a glass.

Stir well and sip the mixture warm until the condition subsides.

You may also use this mixture (without honey) to gargle to speed up your recovery.

For the full video, head over to

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