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Open for Business!

Well now, the time has finally come! After a ton of work, a ton of transition, a ton of paperwork (no, really, a TON of paperwork), Tiffany Meyer Wellness is officially accepting clients outside of referrals!

It definitely took some time (and letting go of a conflict in interest), but here we are. I get to spend my days doing exactly what I love. Helping YOU. Helping people heal. Helping people improve their quality of life. How do I do that? Well you clearly found it to my site (which is still being tweaked, and probably always will be). Poke around, see if I interest you, and if so, reach out so that we can get you a free 15 minute consult scheduled.

Truth be told, EVERYONE needs Nutritional Therapy. Everyone. I don't say that to make money off the poor schmucks who are duped - if you and I aren't a good fit, I'm happy to refer you to another NTP! But very truly, everyone could be better in tune with their bodies. Everyone could use a little more preventative care. Everyone should probably know whether or not they're even digesting all those supplements they're taking -- so why not have a professional to work with?

My ultimate goal is to guide, teach, educate. To help you improve your relationship with your body, and with food. My ultimate goal is for you to need me as little as possible -- just for check-ins once or twice a year to make sure you're still on track. Wouldn't that be lovely? To actually truly feel good, 99.9% of the time? So why not give it a try...?

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