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How to Transform Dry, Damaged, Frizzy, Lifeless Hair into Healthy Shiny Hair

Dry, Damaged, Frizzy, Lifeless Hair

Dry, Damaged, Frizzy, Lifeless Hair. It's my biggest fear. I work SO hard to keep my hair healthy because, truth be told, my hair is my security blanket! So a few months ago when we moved into a new town, and all of the sudden my hair looked liked a hot frizzy mess, I researched everything I could to fix it.

First, let's talk nutrition, because let's be real - it's where I went first. I checked:

1) My hydration levels - obviously if you're dehydrated, your hair will show it!

2) My thyroid levels - an underactive or overactive thyroid can manifest through various symptoms, but one of the ones I'm all too familiar with is excessive hair loss OR incredibly coarse hair. If you suspect your hair issues might be thyroid, I suggest you work with a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner!

Other signs of potential thyroid concerns:

- Flush Easily

- Intolerance to High Temperatures

- Difficulty Losing Weight

- Mentally Sluggish

- Chronic Constipation

- Loss of outer 1/3 of eyebrow

3) Essential Fatty Acids - given that EFAs are the cell membrane building blocks, I'm ALWAYS checking my fats. Healthy, unhealthy, balance, quantity. Another indicator that your hair issues MIGHT be related to EFAs is if you experience dandruff or dry flaky skin!

Once I addressed nutrition, my next steps were to take a look at my hair products. Although I haven't chosen the cleanest products, I personally have not found a "clean safe" hair product line that works for me! I've tried a ton, but I never reject new suggestions! Bring 'em on!

That being said, at the advise of another NTP, I finally broke the bank and tried MoroccanOil. I definitely think the Restorative Hair Mask as well as that specific Argan Oil Treatment (I had been using Acure Organics Argan Oil) has helped improve my hair.

A full list of what I am currently using by MoroccanOil (#notsponsored):

I know what you're thinking. That's ALOT. And even that alone didn't fix my hair. Keep reading!

I also replaced my shower filter. I already had an awesome filter in my shower, but the water in my town must be extra extra hard and minerally. The good news is, the filter I chose to "upgrade" to was actually cheaper! Here's a link to that filter on Amazon.

So, surely, I'm done, right? NOPE!

That's right. There's one more "product" I added in, and one more final tidbit we need to address!

The final product....get excited! Is Apple. Cider. Vinegar.

I took 2 tbsp of Organic ACV (with the mother) and added it to a squeeze bottle with a couple of drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil (optional), then filled the remainder of the bottle (I use an 8 oz, some ladies might need a 16 oz bottle!) with filtered water.

ONCE a week, I use the ACV mix IN BETWEEN shampoo and conditioning. I squeeze the mixture onto my hair and let it soak for just a minute or two.

As good as some of my hair products are, hair can lose it's natural pH balance and become too alkaline. The ACV brings some acidity back into your hair to give it some life! This recipe is totally customizable, and you should cater it to your hair needs. I happen to have dry hair, dry scalp, dry skin! You can use anywhere from 2 - 4 tbsp, especially when mixing in a 16 oz squeeze bottle. Generally speaking, dry hair does better with less ACV, oily hair does better with more, but I recommend starting at 2 tbsp and increasing slowly as needed.

How often? Well, right now I'm doing my ACV rinse once a week! Some recommend twice a week, while others recommend only 1-2 times per month - it really is bioindividual! Just make sure after the mixture sits for a couple of minutes that you rinse WELL. Again, some recommend you don't need traditional conditioner after an ACV Rinse - I find my hair does better having a traditional conditioner on after for just a couple of minutes.

And last but not least -- here's the clincher, guys. If you have super damaged super split ends that are fried to the max, you HAVE to get your hair cut. If you're local to Dallas Fort Worth, I'm happy to recommend you to the guy that does my hair - he ONLY cut off the dry ends and somehow still shaped and textured and everything without shaving my head. I've seen Bill for about three years now, and he is incredibly scary at first (shampoo, blow dry, flat iron, dry cut with THREE shears at ONCE!), but I've never had a better cut and trust him completely. The products and treatments above really only work after most if not all of the damage has been removed. Sorry!

*One more tid bit for my local ladies! I blow dry my hair with a roll brush, and usually flat iron. However, during the "repair" phase, I've changed my settings to where I only use my blow dryer on LOW speed, and only with Medium or Low Heat settings. It takes longer, but I can tell my hair doesn't frizz nearly as much. I've also COMPLETELY stopped using my flat iron for the time being. I have a ceramic 1 1/2 barrel curling iron I use to smooth out flyaways for now!

That's all I've got, ya'll. Make sure you comment with any questions!

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