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How to Clean Up Your Skincare and Makeup for Safer Options

Toxic, Pore Clogging, Acne Inducing, Cancer Risk Increasing, Heavy Metal Toxin Increasing, Endocrine (Hormone) Disrupting, Neurological Risk Inducing, the List. Goes. On. At some point, without really understanding what exactly the consequences would be, we started sacrificing safety in our skincare and makeup products for performance and longevity (aka shelf life).

I still believe whole-heartedly that skin health HAS to come from within - hydration, nutrition, balance, stress management. And we can do ALL that hard work together to get your body back into balance and decrease your stress. Teach you to react to stressors in a HEALTHY way. BUT. What good is all that work if you're still putting toxins on your body EVERY DAY?

So do I expect you to go and toss all your products and spend a fortune replacing them?


Start SLOW. I recommend starting with Deodorant. You can find my deodorant recommendations over on my SKINCARE page. Why do I start there? Well, for one, it goes on your skin, but more specifically, it's going into a sensitive area FULL of lymph nodes. This means that deodorant that you've chosen is going straight into your lymphatic system, which is already taxed with moving metabolic waste, other toxins, and infection out of the body via detoxification. (Side note - if you are using anti-antiperspirant, you are BLOCKING a detox pathway. I highly recommend you stop using antiperspirant immediately).

I also recommend that ladies swap out their foundation and moisturizer pretty darn quickly. Think about it. This sits on your face pretty much every day all day. And you're entrusting the moisturizer to keep your skin healthy, so why wouldn't you investigate it for safe ingredients? Need a good way to research? Head over to Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database and look yours up!

For moisturizer, I really recommend ladies (and gentlemen!) take a look at Beautycounter. They have various moisturizers so you can find what's right for you. Extra dry skin and need super hydration? I recommend Primally Pure's Beauty Creams.

Struggling with acne? Discoloration? Redness? Puffiness? Got an ant bite? Got an itchy patch? My number one solution is Aura Cacia's Tamanu Oil. This is our go-to skin treatment in our house, even for the kids. I used it EVERY night on my face in my late 20s when I was healing my cystic acne and scars (in tandem with cleaning up my diet).

Ready to swap that foundation but not ready to give up thicker fuller coverage? Check out Lawless Clean AF Woke Up Like This Foundation (in Winter I'm Mirage, in Summer I'm Sahara - just FYI!) Ready to go even cleaner and let your beautiful skin shine? Or just need lighter coverage? Beautycounter's Skin Tint and Dew Skin (seriously - combine them!) are a killer combo.

Got other questions? I LOVE talking about skincare and makeup. Hit me up over at my contact page and get all your questions answered!

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