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Oh, goodness. Raise your hand if you think Almond Milk is EXPENSIVE! Ok, maybe you don't think it's expensive, but do you recognize all the ingredients in your Almond Milk? I personally want my food to be as CLEAN as possible, and for me, making my own Almond Milk at home has been a GAME CHANGER.

I'm not against regular milk by any means (give me some whole fat raw cow's milk from a pastured cow and I'm a HAPPY girl!) However, I do like having a cow milk alternative, and Almond Milk really hits the spot! I love a good Golden Latte before bed (another recipe to post!), and I think the Almond Milk really nourishes my heart with the warm spices. You probably know by now I'm all for nutrient dense foods!

So here we go. You'll need some sort of jar - I love the Weck Jars. You can grab these pretty much anywhere!

You'll want to get a half a cup of RAW Almonds and place them in the bottom of the Weck Jar, then fill with 2 cups of filtered water. Let soak for 8 hours, or overnight.

Pour all jar contents into your favorite blender. I currently use a Ninja Food Processor, but I'm hoping for a Vitamix for Christmas! I also add a squeeze of honey or maple syrup (I literally just squeeze and run one full circle around the blender, but it's probably about a teaspoon, if I had to ballpark it) to sweeten it up a bit. BLEND!

Either wash out the Weck Jar you used, grab another, or grab whatever your strainer fits in (I used a good old fashioned Mason Jar), set the mesh filter on top, and slowly pour the blended almond mixture into the strainer. I also grab a small wooden spoon and gently press the leftover almond bits in the strainer for a better yield. On average, it yields about 65-70% of whatever you had the night before once strained! Refrigerate promptly and Milk should keep approximately 3-4 days.

*I have no idea where I picked up the strainer pictured at the top, but THIS one should work just fine! You can also use a nut milk bag, but I find those to be a little messier.


1/2 cup raw almonds

2 cups of filtered water

*Maple Syrup or Raw Honey (optional)

Also need: Mesh strainer or Nut Milk Bag, Jar for soaking, Jar for storing (can be same Jar).


Place almonds in jar for soaking, fill with water.

Let sit for 8 hours, or overnight.

Pour mixture into blender.

If adding sweetener, add to blender.

Blend til well mixed.

Strain into jar with mesh strainer.

Store in fridge!

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