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Gut Health Review with Tiffany and Dr. Michael Ruscio!

I recently had the opportunity to meet and trade stories with Dr. Michael Ruscio, author of Healthy Gut, Healthy You, and creator of the Elemental Heal product line. Dr. Ruscio is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and a Doctor of Chiropractic, operating out of his office near San Francisco.

Please take a few minutes to listen to our conversation!

Episode Intro …00:00:39

It’s All About the Gut …00:03:27

Vegan Case Study …00:05:27

Importance of an Individualized Approach …00:10:22

How to Use an Elemental Diet …00:16:27

Are There Contraindications for Elemental Diet with Anorexia? …00:22:19

Episode Wrap-Up …00:28:39

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