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So for the initial, I review all of your intake, of course. Any labs are 100% included (to review - not pricing for getting labwork done). I DO recommend recent CBC, CMP, Vitamin D, and Homocysteine labwork, but it's not required.


What you get from the review is the video mentioned (to be honest they are anywhere from 10 minutes to 20ish minutes depending on how concise I am!), a full rundown on root cause of what is going on and how to address it, as well as a long term plan for optimal health. I don't aim to put bandaids on things - you get the foundation for a plan that's 100% designed for you, mostly rooted in food and supplementation. Supplements are never required, but they DO help aid the healing process, and sometimes without them depending on the issue, it's very hard to see quick progress.


Most of my clients find it takes about 2-4 weeks to truly implement recommendations consistently (and of course the time it takes to order supplements, have them shipped, etc). Due to that, I give you full access for 30 days from the day you receive recommendations to ask as many questions as needed. Everything from "is this a good brand" to "I've been on my supplements for 5 days and THIS changed - what do I do??". 


From there, I give my clients the option of enrolling in a monthly membership that's $99. The monthly includes anything from just Q&A to a full re-evaluation if you think it's needed. Food Journals can be incorporated at that point as well. I find they aren't very productive in the beginning since you don't necessarily know what I'm looking for, and most people have a habit of eating at least a little better than they normally would 1) because they don't want to admit what they actually eat day to day or 2) because they realize on Day 1 or 2 that they see room for improvement already and start making their own changes anyway (which is great!).


For those that opt out of monthly, I do offer full re-evaluations (with a food journal preferably) at $269. I DO recommend re-evaluations once every 6-8 weeks, especially if you aren't in regular contact with me like my monthly members are. 


That said, this is really about you and your choices. If I make a recommendation (food or otherwise) and you say "no way, I can't do that", we pivot. If you feel like you need 3 months to implement initial changes, that's fine too. You elect when you decide you are ready for a re-evaluation - the main trigger is symptoms. Anything from "my energy levels suck" to "I have headaches all the time" to "what on earth is this weird rash??" and all the things in between. I've even had clients offer to send me pictures of stool, and no, I don't need to see it, but yes, I talk about poop in great detail all the time!


Hopefully that gives you a better picture - I'm definitely full spectrum care, and I never mind "do you have any ideas for....". A current client mentioned upper back pain - yep, we can talk about that. Another wanted to know if I had any suggestions for bug bites - yep, we can talk about that too. Don't ever hesitate to ask if it has anything to do with the human body!

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