Why I Became Whole30 Certified Coach

I hope you keep reading, but here is the most simplistic, basic truth.

If you are not a Whole30 Certified Coach, you cannot run a Whole30 for money. Period. If you know someone who informally runs Whole30s and takes payment, if you could please send me a private note, I'd appreciate it.

Whole30 started in April 2009 as a commitment to a temporary elimination of known possibly irritable foods. Melissa Hartwig Urban sat down and decided it was time to put that Thin Mint down. For now. Just a few months later in July, she hosted her first group program. It's been more than TEN years, and the brand has expanded like crazy. For example, here's an article from last year from Dallas, TX.

Restaurant with 25 D-FW locations is now selling Whole 30-approved food

There's a reason why it's so successful and it's grown so much. There's a reason why I wanted to be a Certified Coach. It. Works. In the last few months that I've been working full time as a Functional Nutritionist, I've found myself seeing a lot of similar cases. Maybe this person is going to do a temporary elimination of grains. Maybe this person has an issue with legumes. Maybe they don't have an issue with legumes, just chickpeas! And until we start running those trials, I don't always know without testing EVERY SINGLE FOOD on them. (Yeah, I know, you can get an allergy panel, but did you know your intolerances can fluctuate week to week, month to month, even year to year? Plus, eliminating something from your diet for 30 days is a hell of a lot cheaper than an allergy panel).

Now, obviously I support the Whole30. It's an amazing program. But the #1 thing people miss with the Whole30 is the RE-INTRODUCTION, and healing the psychological attachment with food. That's right. You have a relationship with food. Sometimes it's a comforting dish that reminds you of your grandma. Sometimes it takes you back to your college days. Sometimes it reminds you of your 7th grade sleepover. Sometimes it's just what we CRAVE in the moment. But food can't hug us. It can't tell us it will be ok. It can't go and talk to our landlord for it. Food is food. And it can be helping, or it can be hurting.

~ food can be helping, or it can be hurting ~

But we treat it like a close friend. Even when we don't mean to. That is exactly why I got on board with Whole30. After listening to Melissa Urban's podcast, "Do The Thing", I realized I had been judging Melissa for a long time. Without even knowing her. What is up with that?? What I realized is that Whole30 is so much more than just what you eat. Whole30 is so much more than finding intolerances, maybe losing weight, maybe having better energy. Whole30 continues on to Food Freedom. To Melissa's "one-bite" rule (it's not what you think - she can totally eat the damn thing if she wants to). I'd definitely encourage you to check out Food Freedom Forever if you haven't. It's more than 30 days. This is literally what changes your life. What gets you over the hump.

And if you STILL struggle. You STILL have cravings. That's when you work with a coach. Or when you KNOW your willpower isn't great. Or you know you just quite frankly do better with someone telling you all the damn rules. That's ok!

The Whole30 and Food Freedom really can change your life. And it really does go hand in hand with Nutritional Therapy. So if you need to know more, hit me up. If you're ready to sign up, head over to My Whole30 Page.

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