30 Day Food Reset Challenge!

I am SO excited about my FIRST Annual 30 Day Food Reset Challenge. It's being promoted all December, so just make sure you head over to This Link and check out using the code "December2019" for $50 off!

Normally $99, but December is the happy Christmas month, so what the heck?? It's going to be a great group, so don't hesitate to sign up!

There will be:

- Weekly Emails, including an email the week before to help you prep!

- A private Facebook Group for support and encouragement, as well as a great forum to ask your questions.

- A Re-Introduction Phase for 14 days AFTER the Challenge

- 1:1 Support with me directly as needed!

Now, it DOES follow a specific set of rules. But don't let that intimidate you!

It's going to sound crazy when I tell you no grains, no legumes (including peanuts), no dairy. No sugar. BUT. I am allowing butter, kombucha, raw honey, and maple syrup! The thing is, this is designed to be a full body reset and address chronic stubborn inflammation that can cause a LAUNDRY LIST of issues! You may have struggled with ABC or XYZ for years, and never had a real answer. Chronic Inflammation may very well be at the ROOT of not just one, not just two, but MULTIPLE issues. I counted 17 when I looked at my health history. That's right. 17 symptoms that could be tied to 17 diagnoses, all because of chronic systemic inflammation.

So....are you with me? Head over and get signed up! Sign Me Up!

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